Revitalizing American Manufacturing

Laborup connects blue-collar workers with meaningful opportunities in American manufacturing.

Our Story

Empowering America's most critical workforce and ambitious industrial companies.

American manufacturing is back but there's an acute labor crisis across several critical industries, from aerospace to automotive. Our military and companies like Ford, Boeing, and SpaceX are losing billions of dollars due to labor shortages. Industrial workers are waiting 3 months to find a meaningful job, yet these opportunities exist and are high-paying.

Laborup was born out of a vision to bridge the gap between skilled blue-collar workers and ambitious manufacturing companies. Building Laborup is deeply personal for us. We are from Tennessee. We grew up in and around machine shops, factory floors, and manufacturing lines. We understand the challenges faced by the majority of America that no one builds software for. We also know what it takes to build great software products. Between us, and our investors and advisors, we've built the modern software products that you all love today like Google, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Facebook, Microsoft, and more.

Fixing the labor crisis in American Manufacturing

Our Mission

We want to empower ambitious industrial companies and America's most critical workforce. The 10 million Americans who are the dedicated machinists, programmers, welders, and more, who make the cars, rockets, planes, and everyday products we all rely on.

Our Vision

We're building the modern software stack to fix the labor issues in our trillion dollar critical industries. We imagine a world where blue-collar workers are put first, honored, and paid what they deserve. We are also hell bent on making American manufacturing companies more productive, and it begins with solving labor issues.

Connecting skilled workers to ambitious manufacturing companies


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Savings the companies we work with realize

Between inflation and a shaky job market right now, you're always looking for what's out there so you can make more to take care of your family. Laborup has changed the game for me. Within a week of creating my profile, I matched with 10s of jobs I wouldn't have found elsewhere.

Early Career Machinist

Morristown, TN

I've been working 3rd shift over the past two years and I recently created my Laborup profile and within 2 weeks I had multiple offers. I ended up getting a job that pays 20% more than what I was making and had a better shift. I'm glad something like this exists for us blue collar folks.

Experienced Maintenance Tech

Knoxville, TN

I'm glad something like this exists. It's about time. The job search process is terrible right now and as a candidate you're always being ghosted. Laborup puts us first!

Experienced CAD Designer/Drafter

Knoxville, TN

Laborup's platform is super user-friendly and makes my life easier. I made a profile in under 2 minutes and I was able to generate a resume that makes me standout. Folks started reaching out with opportunities in days! This is awesome.

CNC Programmer

Maryville, TN

I was a little skeptical at first but damn was I wrong. The platform itself is easy to use but also the people behind the platform are easy to reach and help you along the way. It's awesome to see something built for us. It's also nice to see that the folks that built this are from the South and worked in manufacturing. They get us!

Senior CNC Machinist

Oak Ridge, TN

Finding high paying manufacturing jobs is hard. Laborup is making it easy and putting us workers first. People take us for granted but our hands build all the physical things people use. It's time someone modernizes how we get hired and these folks might do just that.

Maintenance Machinist

Knoxville, TN

There's no doubting American manufacturing is back. You see it all over the news. But finding these opportunities is crazy hard. These guys are solving for this. I made a profile and I started matching with good jobs almost immediately

Experienced Welder

Knoxville, TN

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